High School Curriculum

Courses Specifically Designed for High School Students

eMinnesota Online Academy uses the K12 high school curriculum to serve our students in grades 9–12 and FuelEd curriculum for credit recovery courses. The K12 online high school environment blends the best features of the company's world-renowned K–8 learning environment—the elegant and research-driven design, the compelling interactivity, the ease of use of both online and offline content—with key features designed to make the high school experience successful, given the far more complex high school world of content, skills, and time management.

Core Subjects

With the K12 high school curriculum, students can harness the power of individualized learning by choosing from Math, English, Science, and History courses.  K12 Core courses are similar to the standard courses offered by many other programs. They meet all academic requirements for each course area both for graduation as well as for potential admission into a wide range of colleges.

Credit Recovery

The FuelEd Credit Recovery courses are designed for students who did not pass a course initially, but learned enough to make a complete repetition of the course unnecessary. Students can test out of the material they've already learned and focus on what they need to demonstrate achievement of essential content standards.

To view the current listing of courses, or to download the full catalog, please visit the Downloadable Course Information section of the K12 website.