High School Curriculum

Courses Specifically Designed for High School Students

Gateway Virtual Academy uses the FuelEd high school curriculum to serve our students in grades 9–12. The FuelEd online high school environment blends elegant and research-driven design, the compelling interactivity, the ease of use of both online and offline content—with key features designed to make the high school experience successful, given the far more complex high school world of content, skills, and time management.

A Robust Catalog of Courses Meets the Needs of Diverse Learners

The FuelEd High School Course Catalog is robust, offering courses in Math, Language Arts, Science, History, World Languages and many electives. Students can chart their own course, choosing from among the four levels of courses to match their aptitude and goals.


These characters look like they just stepped out of a video game, helping students establish connections between academic topics and the real world.


In many courses, students can click on a headset icon and listen to the text, which provides powerful support for less confident readers.

Courses and Academic Levels

FuelEd has more than 170 middle and high school courses, and provides three academic levels: Foundations, Standard, and Advanced Placement.

Credit Recovery

FuelEd has special depth in credit recovery, which gives students the opportunity to recover credits necessary to graduate. There is also support for English Language Learners, who can have the text read aloud.

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